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National Central School Established Since 2004

Learning is a divine experience and requires the right environs to discover its fun and beauty. In a rural setting, surrounded by picturesque views, here nature offers all the right elements for a truly natural learning process.

Established in 2004, National Central School is home to 750 students and 60 teachers. From kindergarten to 12th standard, students from urban to rural locations, have diversities are countless and that is our identity. The school is located at Ezhamkulam, Adoor in Pathanamthitta District, where serenity brings out magic.

The students can actively engage in music, dance, art, drama, craft, sports or other activities according to their interest. We have special clubs for students based on their interests. We divide the students into small groups and this ensures their active participation in all activities.We promote a healthy and energetic lifestyle by providing ample space and play ground with cricket net and facilities for games like Football, handball and badminton.

National Central School

National Central School focusses primarily on linguistic and logical intelligence. This helps the students to enhance their verbal and communication abilities along with analytical skills. With this noble aim, we offer exclusive training in spoken English, as English language fluency is vital in the modern competitive world.All students are encouraged to pursue and develop their extra-curricular skills. Our skilled teachers find young talents during class sessions through a myriad of activities and programs. This helps to provide them the right platform to showcase their noticed and unnoticed talents.

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